Tektronix Service Opportunity

Tektronix Sales University Concludes With Fun Service Opportunity

Brad Taylor Projects

Looking for a way to conclude their annual Salesforce Kickoff Training Conference, Tektronix wanted to do something fun that gave back. They were looking to do a corporate volunteer event in Portland, Oregon where their annual conference was held. So they reached out to Feeding Children Everywhere for a key service opportunity. With their “Tek Gives Back Initiative,” they were sold on the idea that meal packing thousands for hungry children in their community would be perfect. 80,000 meals and almost 500 volunteers later, their Hunger Project on January 18 was a success!

Using Grand Openings for Corporate Volunteer Events

We at Feeding Children Everywhere believe that any individual can make a difference, but we are better together. We create an inclusive environment where individuals come together to volunteer as a team. There’s something about the power in numbers that makes every Hunger Project an unforgettable experience. Our volunteers arrive with expectation and leave empowered.

Packaging these nutritious and delicious meals provides a tangible way to fight hunger. Every scoop, every hairnet, every compassionate heart puts us one step closer to our goal. Together, for a hunger-free world.