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It’s all about what happens next. We provide the food so that they can provide education and hope in their communities around the globe. It’s more than just putting food in the belly of a child- it’s teaching them how to thrive in their culture.

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What if families in need could get healthy meals delivered to their front door at no charge?

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Hunger & Education

Feeding Children Everywhere knows the importance of education and how hunger can affect a child’s ability to learn. Recent studies have shown how hunger can distract and harm a child’s education.

The Ultimate Goal: to provide nutrition to help fuel the minds and bodies of children so that they can grow healthy, think clearly and learn efficiently in school.

By sending meals to schools’ crisis food pantries and supplementing food budgets abroad, we have seen schools around the world increase both their enrollment and attendance. In turn, serving more children and brightening the futures of villages and communities globally.

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