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It’s all about what happens next. We provide the food so that they can provide education and hope in their communities around the globe. It’s more than just putting food in the belly of a child- it’s teaching them how to thrive in their culture. See your meals at work in Kenya, Africa.

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What if families in need could get healthy meals delivered to their front door at no charge?

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Care for AIDS

CARE for AIDS partners with local Kenyan churches to operate life transforming centers that serve the physical, spiritual, economic, and social needs of men and women living with HIV/AIDS. Since 2012, Feeding Children Everywhere has provided over 1.5 million meals to CARE for AIDS.

Gladys holding an FCE meal bag in Kenya

It is important that CARE for AIDS clients are living a healthy lifestyle in order for the ARV therapy used to combat HIV/AIDS is working appropriately. When they are not healthy and take the medicine, it ultimately destroys their bodies. Unhealthy bodies are not equipped to handle the extremity of the medicine they need.

Our meal helps them become healthy enough to reap the benefits of their therapy and beyond that, continue to live their lives. This takes them from a death sentence to allowing them to enter the 9 month program. Beyond that, making them healthy enough that when they leave the program they no longer need to receive the meal because they can go out and find work for themselves.

The meals packaged by our Hunger Heroes are not only transforming bodies, but transforming lives. It’s not just about providing a meal, it’s about providing an opportunity and providing hope.

Open Door Haiti

In 2010, Open Door Haiti became Feeding Children Everywhere’s first global partner to receive our sustainable meals. Open Door Haiti is a non-profit that transforms communities in Haiti spiritually, educationally, economically, physically, and socially.

To date, Feeding Children Everywhere has shipped 1 million healthy meals to Open Door Haiti. Our partnership has allowed Open Door Haiti to redirect their food budget to build a school and expand their reach welcoming more children into their program.

A child eating FCE's Lentil Casserole in Haiti

Hunger & Education

Feeding Children Everywhere knows the importance of education and how hunger can affect a child’s ability to learn. Recent studies have shown how hunger can distract and harm a child’s education.

The Ultimate Goal: to provide nutrition to help fuel the minds and bodies of children so that they can grow healthy, think clearly and learn efficiently in school.

By sending meals to schools’ crisis food pantries and supplementing food budgets abroad, we have seen schools around the world increase both their enrollment and attendance. In turn, serving more children and brightening the futures of villages and communities globally.

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