Residents of the Smallest State in the U.S. Are Proving They Have Big Hearts!

Danielle Lee Corporate Social Responsibility, FCE

They may live in the smallest state in America, but Rhode Islanders are helping hungry children and families in a big way. Today, Corinthian Events will be hosting the first-ever Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) Hunger Project to take place in Rhode Island. That makes Rhode Island the big 4-0 on the list of states where FCE has hosted Projects with …
Citi Volunteers

LIVE! Citi Volunteers Package 201,888 Meals for Hungry Children and Families on Global Community Day

Robert Andrescik Citi, Corporate Social Responsibility, News

Each year, tens of thousands of Citi volunteers, along with their family and friends, work together with community partners to make a difference in the communities where they live and work on Global Community Day. This year, more than 1,500 volunteer opportunities took place around the globe. Today’s flagship New York City event featured Citi volunteers packaging a total of …

Canada Is Turning 150 Years Old, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) is Celebrating in An Amazing Way

Danielle Lee FCE

Maple syrup, ice hockey, back bacon and Niagara Falls are just a few things that Canada is famous for. However, to celebrate the country’s 150th anniversary, The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints (LDS), a partner with Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) since 2012, is choosing to give back. On Saturday, June 10, Latter-Day Saints in the Kingston Ontario …

7 Things You May Not Know About NBA Star and Hunger Hero Tobias Harris

Alisa Reynolds FCE, Hunger Heroes, NBA, Sports

Last year, Hunger Hero and Detroit Pistons forward Tobias Harris donated $10,000 to Feeding Children Everywhere when he received the NBA Cares Community Assist Award. This generous act sparked our curiosity. We set out to learn more about Harris … and were lucky enough to speak with his father, Torrel Harris Sr.! When asked about his son providing for hungry …
Teachers Use Fed 40 to Feed Hungry Students

Teachers: There’s Something You Can Do to Help Students Going Hungry Over the Summer

Robert Andrescik Fed 40, Schools, Students

If you’re a teacher, you know all too well that for millions of children, summer is the hungriest time of year. More than 21 million American kids get free or reduced-price lunch at school. And when those meals disappear, they find themselves hungry and with few options. The team at Feeding Children Everywhere has the answer to help at no …

Four Things You Can Do (And Two Things You Should Never Do) To Create a Hunger-free World

Danielle Lee FCE, Sustainability

Hunger. It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of such a huge issue. However, there are many things everyday people can do to create a hunger-free world. Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) CEO, Dave Green, whose personal journey has included going vegan both for his health and to help create a hunger-free world, offers these suggestions. For starters, here are …

Feeding Children Everywhere’s Dallas Office Is Wind-Powered! What About Your Home or Business?

Brianna Myers Corporate Social Responsibility, Dallas, Sustainability

It all starts with a windmill. Those huge things spinning that you may see over rolling hills and such. The wind turbines convert the kinetic energy in the wind into mechanical power. Then a generator turns that same mechanical power into electricity … and that is what runs the Dallas office of Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE). The (clockwise-turning) move is …

New CEO of Feeding Children Everywhere Has Audacious Plans to Create a Hunger-Free America

Robert Andrescik FCE, Fed 40, News, Sustainability

Since becoming CEO of Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) a little over a year ago, Dave Green has helped feed millions of hungry children and families around the globe and here in the U.S. Stepping back, he’s in awe of all the Central Florida-based organization and its partners have accomplished. But ultimately, he says: “It isn’t enough.” Green isn’t ungrateful, but …

Going Vegan: Our CEO Talks About His Journey and a Surprising Benefit to Plant-Based Diets

Danielle Lee Health, Sustainability, Vegan

Turning 40 will cause anyone to re-evaluate their lives. For Feeding Children Everywhere CEO Dave Green, the big 4-0 meant a big change in his diet. In mid-January, he went vegan … cold Tofurkey. His reasons? Eating a plant-based diet is not just better for your health, it can help to create a hunger-free world. “For me, having a daughter …
Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox Are About to Do Something All Baseball Fans Will Applaud

Alisa Reynolds Corporate Social Responsibility, FCE, MLB, Sports

The Crosstown Classic, the Windy City Showdown, or the Red Line Series. No matter what you call it, after 117 years of rivalry the Chicago White Sox are making moves even their North Side contenders can appreciate. To confront the food security dilemma in the Chicago area, the White Sox are teaming up with Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) at Guaranteed …