Holland and Knight: Knights for Hungry Locals

Holland & Knight: Knights in Shining Armor for Hungry Locals

Brad Taylor Projects

Attorneys from Holland and Knight gathered from around the world on February 10th to package 20,000 meals for hungry families. All of the meals that these generous attorneys packaged went to the local community of Orlando. As a result, half of the meals were picked up by the Osceola Council on Aging food pantry. Meanwhile, the other half went to the Celebration Foundation. Both of these organizations are committed to serving the greater Orlando area.

United Against Hunger

With our model, each event host can choose where to distribute the packaged meals. This includes our international and domestic partner organizations. In the event of a humanitarian crisis, project hosts may also choose to send life-saving meals directly to those who need it most. In the United States alone, there are 45 million Americans living below the poverty line. Unfortunately, this includes millions of children, seniors and veterans across the country.