Richardson Has a Heart for Helping Hungry Children and Families

Compassionate Richardson Has a Heart for Helping Hungry Children and Families

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In Texas alone, thousands of people struggle with food insecurity. In response, the city of Richardson decided to rally their community to fight hunger on September 9th. In just one day, about 900 compassionate volunteers came together to make an impact. At the end, over 70,000 healthy meals were packaged for hungry children and families in the local community.

Richardson Has a Heart for Helping Hungry Children and Families

This is the 4th annual packing event hosted by Compassionate DFW and every year gets better. Dr. Charles Barker, President of the organization, shares how gathering Hunger Heroes from different backgrounds, shows “what a community looks like when they are working together for a common cause.” Our Hunger Projects provide this unique team-building opportunity and activate people for a hunger-free world.

This year, they decided to package a mix of both Red Lentil Jambalaya and the Italian Veggie Pasta. The volunteers loved seeing the variety and learning about how this is important to provide options for the people we serve. At this family-friendly event, everyone is given a job on one of our assembly lines because anyone can make a difference, regardless of age.

Fighting Local Hunger

This high-energy event is sure to have a high impact. Organizations that received the meals include the Richardson Independent School District, Network of Community Ministries, Feeding Lake Highland, and Equal Heart. All of the meals will stay local and provide hope for children and families who struggle with knowing where their next meal will come from.

To continue the fight against hunger, either locally or internationally, book your own Hunger Project or donate to provide healthy meals for those who need it most.