Project Requests

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Hunger Project with Feeding Children Everywhere!

Our Hunger Projects are high energy, high impact volunteer experience like no other and bring volunteers together to engage in assembly line packing. Each assembly line can have from 10-14 volunteers per line.

While packaging these healthy meals we play music and have competitions to keep everyone engaged and having fun, as we make a impact in the fight against hunger. The meals packaged go to children, families in need in your local communities.

FCE has project managers that will get all the granular details so you know what to expect and so does FCE’s travel team.

FCE flies team members in to facilitate the project and make sure you have the best volunteer experience possible.

To book a hunger project we need 4-6 weeks lead time to make sure our team has the time to build the project out with excellence.

Hunger Projects are…

a fun, high-energy and hands-on way for anyone to make a tangible difference in the fight against hunger. With music booming, lentils flying and a sea of hairnets, we work to create a truly dynamic experience all while packaging healthy meals for hungry children and families who need it most. The best part is you get to pick where the food goes — domestic or international!

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Red Lentil Jambalaya

Italian Veggie Pasta

Hamburger Hero

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