Making a Tangible Impact

Fed 40 Delivers Hope to Single Mom Battling Cancer

Christal never dreamed she would be facing food insecurity. She had a home and a good job as an office manager. Then cancer struck and she had to stop working. And then her husband became physically abusive and for the safety of herself and her son she had to get out. She wondered, “How am I going to take care of my son if I leave?”

How it Works

People looking for food assistance fill out some basic information and we send them 40 servings of our tasty and nutritious meals at no cost to them. We do have a few requirements to make sure that the people who need food the most get it first, but it really is that simple: fill out a form; get meals delivered to your front door.


In addition to immediate food assistance, we’ve introduced FedConnect which is a feature that empowers recipients to enroll in critical programs that address poverty by creating self-sufficiency. Through FedConnect recipients enroll in job skills programs, computer skills training, ESL courses, and other vital services that address the root causes of poverty.

Give 40 Healthy Meals

For the cost of 2 lattes, you can help us ship 40 meals to a child in need.

$10 = 40 Healthy Meals