Fed 40 Delivers Hope to Single Mom Battling Cancer

Robert Andrescik Fed 40, Impact, Video

Christal Cruickshank never dreamed she’d be one of the 42.1 million Americans facing food insecurity. She had a home and a good job as an office manager. Then cancer struck and she had to stop working.

Moreover, the relationship with her spouse had become abusive. But fleeing the relationship would mean leaving everything behind. 

She wondered, “How am I going to take care of my son if I leave?”

Thankfully, she was able to take her son and find a place of her own. But finding enough for them to eat became a struggle.

When Christal learned about Fed 40, “the food pantry of the future” (Mashable, Fast Company), it almost sounded too good to be true. Families in need of food assistance can use the Fed 40 mobile app to get 40 healthy meals delivered directly to their door at no charge.

“Being able to discreetly get assistance through an online ordering process is so helpful because you don’t have to feel embarrassed,” Christal says.

Check out her inspiring story and see how the Fed 40 mobile app is delivering hope and disrupting hunger in the U.S. and helping families like hers as they rebuild their lives.

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