Starting at the Seed

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Food security starts right at the seed of the crops. If those seeds cannot grow, food insecurity can touch all of us. Access to healthy food directly impacts our wellbeing.

Fighting Food Insecurity

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Although there are claims that COVID-19 may trigger a “looming food crisis”, organizations like FCE are creating innovative solutions to these issues through America’s Virtual Food Bank, Full Cart.

International Women’s Day

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We celebrate International Women’s Day each year. However, Elena Terrell doesn’t celebrate just the holiday, she lives it as a motto. Volunteering with Shared Blessings has been a huge part of Terrell’s life for the past few years and she continues to spread support for this amazing cause every day.

Brain Food: Health and Hunger

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In this progressive age, the United Nations has set Sustainable Development Goals to help guide the world’s efforts in shifting to a sustainable world. One of the goals is focused on “Good Health and Well-being” of children, families, and fighting diseases. Physical and mental health are primary issues for every family, especially with the rising cost of healthcare. This specific …

Desert in Paradise: A Closer Look at Orlando’s Communities

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Orlando, Florida has rightfully earned the nickname “the City Beautiful.” When most people think of Orlando, they think of the magic of Walt Disney World, the beautiful downtown skyline, and a place where families come together to make lifelong memories. However, Orlando is more than just a place that tourists visit. It is a city filled with everyday individuals who …

The Many Faces of Hunger

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When you think of the face of hunger, do you picture your next-door neighbor? Hunger isn’t always as obvious as you may think., It’s the college student who skips a meal once a day to save on money, or the single mom, working overtime trying to make means for her bills. Just like there are multiple faces of hunger, there …

Driving Away Hunger

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Disclaimer: The driver’s name in this story has been changed to protect the privacy of the individual. We have all heard those stories about an interesting experience with rideshare apps, but some of our rides are just a little more different than others. When getting into an Uber this past week, FCE employee, Chris Cabrera had no idea he would …

The Birthday Gift That Keeps On Giving

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One birthday donation can spark change in a community. At just 7 years old, a young world-changer from Texas realized the importance of helping end hunger. While he was with his family eating dinner, Pranav expressed that he wanted to help children that go hungry every day. After doing some searching, his mother found Feeding Children Everywhere. She told him …

Surveying The Land

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Modern society has made tremendous advancements in technology, healthcare, and other industries that have improved the economic output and quality of life for most of the world. Much of the world though, faces a different reality considering that more than 60% of the global population still depends on agriculture as their only source of income. Ninety percent of agricultural lands …

Ending Hunger and Empowering Women

Jaelyn Taylor Sustainability, Why Hunger?

As 2019 slides into its last few months, women in the United States anticipate the centennial celebration of women’s suffrage. A hundred years has allowed much to be done for women’s rights and gender equality, especially in developing countries around the world; however, there are still miles to go. The United Nations has acknowledged these gender-based inequalities and in 2015, …