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The Art of Giving a Meal — Haitians Receive 38,000 Healthy Meals

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Recently, we sent 38,000 meals to children and families on the island of Haiti, which were distributed by a local charity, Love a Child. They reached out to us to share some of the artwork that Hunger Heroes drew on our boxes during their hunger project. Our Hunger Heroes aren’t just helping create a hunger-free world, they’re bringing a smile to people’s faces.

“I felt pure joy when I saw the artwork,” said Molly, one of Love a Child’s volunteers. The fact that kids hundreds of miles away with no connection to the families of Haiti took the time to make these boxes special had the team glowing with appreciation. The art made the meals feel even more like a blessing and gave the meals a sense of care that made a real difference to the people they went to.

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Hunger In Haiti

Back in 2010, Haiti was the first place to receive meals from Feeding Children Everywhere. It was right after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated the island. Today, the country is still working on full recovery. According to the United States Agency for International Development, a third of Haiti’s population faces food insecurity.

All the areas where Love a Child distributes food are poverty-stricken. With so many homes destroyed in the aftermath of natural disasters that have battered the island, some of the people of Haiti resort to living in caves or straw huts. Many children have also ended up in the island’s orphanages, which Love a Child distributes meals to.

Between the difficult terrain, lack of agricultural programs and vulnerability to natural disasters, the people of Haiti have the odds stacked against them. There’s even one village up in the mountains that has to wait until the middle of the night to carry their food up so they don’t get robbed.

Even in these conditions, the families and children of Haiti still have so much hope in their hearts. The joy that the Love a Child volunteers see in the people of Haiti, they say, is one of a kind.

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Giving a Hand Up

Together we can create a hunger-free world, especially with the passion of our Hunger Heroes. If you’d like to make an impact on these families and children trying to rebuild their lives, you can donate to help our international efforts or host a hunger project benefiting Haiti.