Hunger Hero Profile: Dominique

Dominique Boyer, a sophomore at the University of South Florida located in Tampa, Florida attended the first ever USF Summer Orientation Hunger Project, where over 8,000 meals were packaged. Dominique is an Orientation Team Leader at USF, so she gets freshman excited about school for a living! At the Hunger Project, Feeding Children Everywhere staff members trained her to be a Key Volunteer, where she was able to run her own Hunger Project assembly line. She excelled in this position, remaining up-beat throughout all three shifts and dancing around with a big smile beaming across her face at all times. Her energy immediately spread to the other students, and soon they were just as energized as her. After the event we had the pleasure of talking to her one on one and hearing her story. She is hpp  originally from Michigan and moved down to Florida to major in Social Work at USF. Her ultimate goal is to become a lawyer for underprivileged individuals focusing particularly on changing the laws so that they are more in favor of disadvantaged citizens, rather than against them. Eventually, she would like to create her own non-profit that would aim to help children and young adults facing difficult situations by providing them with a stable environment, support and assistance. It’s so inspiring to hear young adults with so much passion to make a difference in the lives of others! Keep up the great work Dominique!

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