Why food to schools and orphanages?

Eat your veggies, that way you can grow up big and strong! Think of the tens of thousands, nay, millions of children who mothers have repeated that very phrase at them. Although cliche, like all exaggerations, behind them there is always a nugget of truth.
The developing brain requires amino acids to grow new connections and add myeline (the fatty sheath to axons). But when we were growing up our mothers didn’t grab jars of amino acid baby food. Mostly due to the fact that if you build up a bunch of amino acids, you get proteins (that and its hard to market just amino acids). So a protein is actually a large molecule made from amino acids. With that in mind lets continue.

So what about the children who don’t have a full pantry of Amino Acid Baby Formula? If a child is malnourished what happens to their brain? Unfortunately, if a developing brain does not get all of the nutrients, or proteins it needs, it simply cannot grow properly. Malnutrition effects the physical growth of the child, he/she will be under-sized. But also, this child will experience a noticeable decrease in mental capacity.

With this knowledge, we here at Feeding Children Everywhere make a distinct effort to partner with schools and orphanages in impoverished nations. That way while we feed their stomachs, we feed their minds. Minds that are healthy can dream for the future. Minds that are healthy can hold on to hope that the vision they see for the future is possible. Minds that are healthy can create positive and lasting change in the world around them. And at the end of the day that’s what we all want to be a part of, leaving a legacy of life.

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