Little Time, Large Impact

Volunteer Event

We Are Better Together

There are thousands of children and families that are food insecure around the world. One person can not solve this alone, but together we can see a hunger free world. Our volunteer events provide a unique experience for communities to gather and fight hunger.

Increases Community

Fighting for a hunger free world is a community effort. It takes a team of world changers working together. At our volunteer events, you can create connections with new friends and bond with those you serve with.

Feel Good

What better way to give back than to feel good while doing good? Our Hunger Projects are a rewarding experience and fun for the whole family. Volunteering also provides a natural sense of accomplishment and thus boosts your self-esteem.

Packing Hope

It takes seconds to pack one of our healthy meals for a child and family need. The impact, however, lasts a lifetime. You are able to give relief and hope to families needing help. We get thousands of responses from recipients telling us how grateful and important your contributions were in their time of need.

Get a lot done quickly

Our time slots last as short as an hour. In that amount of time thousands of meals get packaged in a fun high-energy environment.

Host A Hunger Project!