Wells Fargo Banking Food Packing February 20nd 2018

Wells Fargo Leadership Summit Leads in Food Packing

Brad Taylor Projects

Wells Fargo’s Personal Lending Group Leadership Summit leads the way by packaging 25,000 healthy meals for children and families in Texas. These volunteers are more than happy to lend a helping hand in the fight against hunger. They know by investing in communities they can strengthen local economies that will lead to long-term growth. The meals packed are being distributed through Feeding Children Everywhere’s revolutionary Fed 40 app.

Making a Tangible Impact Through Apps

Fed 40 is the food pantry of the future and is already making a huge impact to children and families in need. With a simple request, families are sent a package with 40 healthy and delicious meals right to their front door. This comes at no cost to them and the food package arrives within about one business day.

There are parts of the country, including Texas, where poverty rates are high and access to healthy food are limited. This is generally due to a lack of nearby grocery stores and transportation. We believe everyone should have access to healthy food, which enables them to pursue a better life and future.