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A Tightly Woven Community Gives Back: Valley Forge Fabrics Packs 100,000 Meals

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Feeding Children Everywhere offers a high energy, high impact meal packing experience. The team at Valley Forge Fabrics took this to the next level during their Hunger Project. These Hunger Heroes worked for almost three hours and the results were amazing. In just this short amount of time, they packaged 100,000 meals.

Valley Forge Fabrics Packs 100,000 Meals

Our team arrived at the Valley Forge Fabrics office in Fort Lauderdale and began setting up. Our model is flexible and with this Hunger Project, the assembly lines were spread through the office around the cubicles. Once it was time to start, volunteers were trained on how to package the meals and got right to work.

The brother and sister CEO duo loved the energy in the room. Seeing the passion in your team to give back can be rewarding for any leader.

100,000 Red Lentil Jambalaya meals were packaged with love. This means that thousands of hungry individuals and families in southern Florida will be able to receive healthy food. All of the meals will be picked up by Feeding South Florida and distributed to those who may not know where their next meal is coming from.

United We Stand Against Hunger

This team came together on September 11th to make a difference. The CEOs (pictured above) loved the idea of hosting their service event on this day because of a personal tie to the tragedies that took place in 2001. The people at Valley Forge Fabrics wanted to redeem this day of tragedy and transform it into a day of service.

To continue the fight against hunger, book your own Hunger Project or donate to provide healthy meals for those who need it most.