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A Day of Remembrance and Service to Seniors

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In the time that followed the tragedy of September 11th, one thing became clear to all Americans: we needed to come together as one in this time of need to create positive change in our country. Many people have since realized that, through small acts of kindness and service, we can be the ones to make a difference in our own communities. Through our partnership with AARP in this project, we have empowered hundreds of volunteers and worked under one of AARP’s core values: to serve others.

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What is known as a day of tragedy and loss in America is now a day that we dedicate to service. Each year, Feeding Children Everywhere partners with AARP on September 11th to package nutritious meals for seniors in need. In our nation’s capital right on the National Mall, thousands of volunteers were able to come together to make a difference in the community and package 1 million meals!

Empowering Hunger Heroes, Young and Old

A group of about 200 sixth graders traveled from Springfield Estates Elementary School in Springfield, Virginia, to spend the morning packaging meals together. When one of the children in the class attended a previous Hunger Project with her family, she was inspired to share her experience with her classmates. After much coordination between her guidance counselors and teachers, it was finally organized for the entire sixth grade to attend the 9/11 AARP project in Washington, D.C. One of the sixth-grade teachers said that it was “because of this one passionate little girl, hundreds of other students have had the opportunity to learn about the negative effects of hunger and how they can make a tangible difference.”

For many families who attend Hunger Projects, it can be a great opportunity to spend some quality time together while serving those in need. A family of four at the project wanted to share this experience of volunteering together. By signing up to be key volunteers during the project, this couple and their two little boys were able to put smiles on so many of the other volunteers’ faces throughout the day while greeting them and passing out hair nets! The mother stated that she “just wants to show her sons how great volunteering can be” and hopes that they will continue this work as they grow older.

United We Stand Against Hunger

After a few heartwarming words of encouragement from the project leaders, the waves of volunteers started to flow in and out with eager smiles and expectant hearts. Feeding Children Everywhere is so proud to have been a part of a project that not only brought the community together in an act of service but also showed that individual acts of kindness are integral in making positive change.

To continue the fight against hunger, book your own Hunger Project or donate to provide healthy meals for those who need it most.