Chick-fil-A and the Pittsburgh Pirates Team Up to Hit Hunger Out of the Park

Madison Firios Projects

Cheers break out through the stadium and the crowd goes wild. However, they weren’t cheering because their favorite Pennsylvania baseball team just made a home run. On August 14th, Chick-fil-A and Pittsburgh Pirate volunteers gathered to package healthy meals for those in need. The cause for celebration? They hit their goal of 75,000 meals!

Strength in Numbers

We had so much fun working with these Hunger Heroes. The energy was electric as everyone sang and danced while they worked. There was even a special visit from the Chick-fil-A Cows and the Pittsburgh Pirates mascot, Pirate Parrot who joined along. It was inspiring to see around 150 volunteers gather to fight hunger together.

Engaging in volunteer events together help strengthen teams. Our packing events increase bonds and sharpen communication skills among team members. Working alongside the other volunteers can help foster new relationships and connections. With every box they packed, they knew that was 288 more meals that were ready to be delivered to hungry children and families that need it most.

Thousands of people in Pennsylvania alone struggle with food insecurity and are searching for help. In response to this call for food, all of the meals packed at this Hunger Project will stay in their community. The Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank picked up all of the food to distribute locally.

The fight against hunger doesn’t stop here. If you would like to make a difference with your own team or company, contact us to book a Hunger Project today!