Loews Hotels: From Hospitality to Fighting Hunger

Julie Mast Projects

On November 24th, volunteers from all different places came together to package 426,000 meals. Hosted at six different hotels at Universal Studios Orlando on the same day, Loews Hotels took charge in joining the fight against hunger. Because of their hard work and dedication to this project, thousands of people in the local Orlando community, as well as the north Florida region, will have access to filling, delicious meals.

Six Projects, Thousands Fed

Just two days after Thanksgiving, hundreds of volunteers chose to dedicate their time to serve those struggling with hunger. The feeling of excitement in the air created an incredibly high-energy event for these volunteers to pack meals. We are so grateful that, despite busy schedules and holiday events, these Hunger Heros took the time to attend a meal packing event!

Following Hurricane Michael and the enormous recovery efforts happening in north Florida, the need for basic necessities like food is greater than ever. A portion of the meals from this project will be feeding hurricane victims who are still dealing with loss in their communities. Having a few meals provided can be the helping hand many families need to get back on their feet after a tragedy like this one.

Give Back to Your Community

Do you want to help supply meals for hurricane victims or even those struggling with food insecurity in your local community? Join us today to participate in your very own Hunger Project! You can also provide delicious meals through a donation on our website!