johnson and johnson with feeding children everywhere

Johnson & Johnson Day of Caring: Fighting Hunger as a Team

Madison Firios Projects

1 out of every 10 people in Massachusetts may not know where their next meal will come from. This includes a neighbor or child that we never even realized struggle with hunger. Thankfully, there are Hunger Heroes in the world that are changing that!

Community Caring

Recently, Johnson & Johnson dedicated October 12th as a Day of Caring for their company. To celebrate, one office partnered with Feeding Children Everywhere to host their own meal packaging event. During this Hunger Project, they packaged thousands of healthy Italian Veggie Pasta meals that would be distributed to local organizations in Massachusetts. Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen and Shane Gives Thanks picked up about 30,000 delicious meals for those they serve.

Engage and Empower

At Feeding Children Everywhere, we offer a unique volunteer experience that also engages and empowers employees. This is an experience they’ll love to share with coworkers and friends. Engaging in volunteer events brings teams together to increase bonds and sharpen communication skills. Some companies, like Johnson & Johnson, even made this meal packaging event a competition amongst the teams. This way, they can foster new relationships and connections with other coworkers, allowing for better workflow back at work.

Want to Get Involved?

We are grateful for companies like Johnson & Johnson who participate in corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices like fighting hunger. By donating financial resources and volunteering their time, they are able to truly make a difference in the world. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of CSR or host a Hunger Project with your own team, follow the links below!