Fox Studios Packs Meals for the Hungry

Impact on the Set: Fox Studios Packs Meals for the Hungry

Julie Mast Projects

For many employees at Fox Studios, packing meals on a Thursday afternoon at their workplace was a refreshing way to give back to their local community. On September 27, all of 200 volunteers were able to package 36,500 meals! From the big smiles on their faces to the enthusiastic energy throughout the project, this day was definitely one to remember.

Impact 1 Million Lives in 365 Days

From the moment they walked into the project, we could tell that Fox Studios was ready to have a good time and do some serious meal packing! Everyone was excited to learn the assembly line process and race to package the most meals. We make it as easy as possible here at Feeding Children Everywhere by making sure everything is ready as soon as our volunteers walk through the doors. This is what makes our projects perfect opportunities for corporate volunteer events, as we always handle the setup and tear down.

Fox Studios Packs Meals for the Hungry

We are honored to have been a part of Fox Studio’s mission to impact 1 million lives in 365 days! This meal packing event was just one of the ways they are getting their company involved in serving their local community this year. These packaged meals will be distributed by the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to make a great impact here in Los Angeles, California.

Want to Get Involved?

We love when businesses and organizations get their employees involved in serving their local community. Contact us today to get some more information about hosting a Hunger Project!