Fluor Cares: Engineering a Hunger-Free World

Julie Mast Projects

Fluor Cares is the employee volunteer program for Fluor, a multinational engineering and construction firm with more than 50,000 employees worldwide. This firm is committed to providing opportunities for staff to get involved in giving back to the community. On October 19th, they hosted a corporate volunteer event in Greenville, South Carolina and were able to package over 30,000 meals!

Getting Competitive for a Cause

Fluor Care for feeding children everywhere

This meal packing event was full of excitement! With one hour on the clock, all of the volunteers challenged themselves to pack as many meals as possible in this time. As a result, their friendly competition and positive attitudes kept the energy high throughout the event. These volunteers went the extra mile to make the project even more fun for everyone by adding costumes! Each table dressed up to a different theme and competed with the other tables. Some dressed up as construction workers, while others wore cowboy hats. This group truly knew how to use their competitiveness to focus, work hard and make a difference!

At any Feeding Children Everywhere meal packaging event, we encourage volunteers to use their strengths and skills to make the project their own. Whether it is through fun costumes, themed music, or a special competition, we offer a flexible project model so that you and your company can truly have a unique experience. The more creativity a team brings to the project, the better!

Get Your Company Involved!

Most importantly, all of these meals will be distributed locally by Harvest Hope Food Bank in Greenville. We are so grateful for companies like Fluor who encourage their employees to give back! Are you or your company looking for ways to get involved in serving your local community? Contact us today for more information about hosting a Hunger project!