Deca Project

DECA Students Lead by Example and Give Back to Fight Hunger

Madison Firios Projects

DECA’s brand identifies a remarkable experience in the preparation of emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. During the Florida DECA annual gathering on October 26th, students and volunteers joined forces to give back to the community. Hundreds of Hunger Heroes packaged 27,000 delicious Hamburger Hero meals. This group loved the opportunity to give back in a fun and unique way as a team.

What better way to give back than to feel good while doing good? Our Hunger Projects are a rewarding experience and fun for the whole team. Volunteering also provides a natural sense of accomplishment, boosting your self-esteem while making a huge impact.

The impact of these meals will be nationwide. This food will be distributed through our Full Cart program and delivered right to the front door of hard-working individuals and families in need. Lost jobs, expensive bills and limited access to food make an empty food cabinet all too common in America. Full Cart helps those affected extend their grocery budget for pennies on the dollar.

Team-Building for World Changers

In addition to the give-back aspect, this meal packaging event doubles as the perfect team-building experience. Groups like DECA emphasize the importance of working together as a team. These volunteers have to work together to scoop, weigh and seal the bags as quickly as possible. With communication and hard work, they reached their goal of 27,000 meals!

If you want a fun team-building experience with life-changing impact, contact us to book your Hunger Project today!