Cigna 2018: New Year, New Way To End Hunger

Cigna 2018: New Year, New Way to End Hunger

Brad Taylor Projects

Every New Year’s Day the streets of Philadelphia crowd in celebration. Our partners at Cigna used this New Year as a unique occasion to help fight hunger. They kicked off 2018 by setting up a booth that had people flowing in and out of to help pack meals. The community came together to package 20,000 healthy Red Lentil Jambalaya meals for local hungry children.

Packed with Love and Protein

Our meal packaging events provide a unique tangible approach to the fight against hunger. With every scoop, our hunger heroes are closing in on the goal to leave no one behind. Our Red Lentil Jambalaya meal has been a staple at Feeding Children Everywhere. Not only is this meal loaded with nutrition, but it also tastes delicious. We carefully select and source ingredients from farms right here in the United States. We also use pink salt that comes from the Himalayas, providing 84 trace vitamins and minerals. This results in a tasty vegan meal that’s naturally packed with protein and fiber.