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Arena Online: From Marketing to Meal Packing

Julie Mast Projects

On Tuesday, November 13, a team of forty volunteers helped package over 15,000 meals in Salt Lake City, Utah. From Arena Online, a digital marketing company, these volunteers came in excited to get to work making a difference in their community. They were able to package one of our newest meals, Hamburger Hero, for our Full Cart program!

Advertising for a Hunger-Free World

This team of marketing experts walked into the room ready for some friendly competition! After getting in their places on the assembly lines, each volunteer began packing with speed while dancing to the music. They were able to participate in fun contests, one of which included switching up the positions on the assembly lines before starting. It was an amazing opportunity to put their competitive spirits to good use!

At our volunteer events, each team is able to put their own spin on their projects. Whether it is specially themed music or friendly competitions, there are so many options to make the project your own. With our customizable plan, your company or organization can participate in a turn-key event that is also original to your team!

Will you help us fight hunger?

Whether you are a business looking to get employees involved in serving the community or an individual wanting to help out, we have opportunities for you! Contact us today to see how you can invest in fighting hunger today.