Maximize Your Time and Resources

Nonprofit Event

More Than a Meal

Our nonprofit events help you maximize your impact. As a nonprofit, we dedicate more resources to making an impact in the lives of those who struggle with food insecurity. We are mission focused and believe that together we can see a hunger-free world.

The Experience

We are committed to providing an active and unique hands-on nonprofit experience. So volunteers feel empowered to make a difference while in a fun, upbeat environment. They take with them warm hearts and the satisfaction of helping thousands of children and families.

The Impact

It’s about more than just filling the belly of a hungry child or their family, it’s about what happens next. The hope that our meals provide can impact the life of someone struggling with food insecurity. Our programs help empower and lead them toward self-sustainability.

Focused on the Mission

The benefit of being a nonprofit is we get to focus on helping others. We care about the work we do and we care about those that work with us toward our goal of a hunger-free world.

In Trusted Hands

Trusted by the largest brands worldwide, you can be sure we will do everything to take care of your team.

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