Heard the Big News?

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Change This World has merged with Feeding Children Everywhere!

BIG NEWS! We want to give you a quick update on some major happenings at Feeding Children Everywhere. Long story short: Our friends at Change This World have merged with us! By providing one great option instead of two, we can better serve people like you who want to make a difference and GREATLY increase our effectiveness as an organization.

Feeding Children Everywhere’s name and mission haven’t changed. In fact, most of you will notice very little difference at our Hunger Projects. That’s the point! We were both successfully doing something similar, and it didn’t make sense for us to be separate. We’re actually hoping this will become the “new normal” for nonprofits around the world working toward similar goals.

If you’d like to hear the backstory about how this came about, click here to read our Q&A. Otherwise, we hope to see you at a Hunger Project soon!”

-Don Campbell, Founder and CEO, Feeding Children Everywhere.

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Learn More about the Merger

Learn More About The Merger

Founder Don Campbell and President Marcus Mennenga talk about how Feeding Children Everywhere will literally Change This World.

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For more information about the merger or if you have specific questions please contact Marcus Mennenga at MMennenga@FeedingChildrenEverywhere.com