Easy Scalable Impact

Meal Packaging

Helping the Most People

There are many obstacles on the path to a hunger-free world, and there may be none more problematic than logistics and distribution. Meal packaging lets us easily scale, allowing us to help the most amount of people. Our logistics team ensures these meals get to their destination safely.

Responsive Distribution

Over the last several years, Feeding Children Everywhere has developed a wide-reaching network of distribution partners. So when a natural disaster strikes we can react immediately, diverting meal distribution to the affected area.

Responsible Packaging

Food packaging can quickly become an ecological hazard if left unchecked. That’s why we designed our meal bags around being biodegradable. Meal recipients can enjoy their meals more knowing we are also looking after the planet.

Meals that Last

Food is only helpful if it can still be eaten. That’s why every meal Feeding Children Everywhere packages boasts a shelf life of 6 months or more. We’ve carefully chosen ingredients that last long and still taste great.

Deliciously Simple

Hunger doesn’t always end after you’ve received food. Some meals having difficult cooking requirements, making them less effective. Our meal recipients can rest easy knowing all they’ll need to is boil water and enjoy!

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