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South Sudan has a brutal history of wars, conflicts, and natural disasters. This has all combined to create one of the worst humanitarian crises that our generation has ever seen.

Last year, the UN even declared South Sudan in an official state of famine. Every day over 2,500 people die in South Sudan due to starvation. There are thousands of women, children, and families fighting for their lives.

Something has to be done. Will you help us?

Join us July 14th-15th for a Hunger Project that will make an impact in the lives of those who are in dire need, as we package 300,000 healthy meals for the people of South Sudan. You can register for just $12, which helps cover the cost of shipping a container of food to people who are in critical need. It will be a day filled with community and hope as we send love to South Sudan.

There are Three Ways You Can Help!

Love for South Sudan


Mobilize your community to assemble healthy meals for South Sudan.

Love for South Sudan


Make a one-time or monthly donation. Every $10 provides 100 healthy meals.

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