Together, we have provided meals, inspired hope and changed stories for millions all around the world. Feeding Children Everywhere started around the table, so let’s finish off the year by giving 100,000 people healthy meals to share around their tables.

Meet Jonah,

a 13 year-old from Zambia with big dreams. Jonah loves the FCE Lentil Casserole because of its great taste and many nutrients! Now, Jonah has the hope, strength and energy to pursue his dreams.

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Meet Tammy,

a single mother from Florida. The FCE Lentil Casserole provided Tammy with a new-found love for lentils, a meal that was both filling and nutritious and the opportunity for her and her son to thrive.

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Meet Lastus,

a ball of energy from Zambia. The energy Lastus gets from the FCE Lentil Casserole is what puts this big smile on his face! Students like Lastus are rewarded for good attendance with the FCE meal, allowing them to focus on school in preparation for a brighter future.

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