Transportation Issues Can Lead to Hunger Issues

Brooke Jones FCE, Fed 40

We all know children and families around the globe are struggling with hunger. But did you know transportation issues are contributing to food insecurity?

The Problems:

Urban places in the United States are becoming food deserts. These areas don’t have fresh, whole foods because there’s a lack of grocery stores, farmers’ markets and other healthy food providers. This means people have to travel out of their neighborhoods and towns in order to get healthy food. If you don’t have access to reliable transportation, this makes obtaining healthy, fresh food nearly impossible.

Food banks help fill in the gaps for food insecure children and families. But what if those families don’t have a way to get there? In order to receive assistance from a food bank you must arrive during specific hours, which could conflict with work and school. Even if you’re available during the distributing time, if you don’t have your own reliable transportation you could still miss it.

The Solution:

Feeding Children Everywhere understands that lack of transportation can equal lack of food. That’s why we created Fed 40, the food pantry of the future. Food-insecure families can sign up for Fed 40 online or through the mobile app to receive 40 healthy meals delivered right to their door, at no cost to them.

Join us on our mission for a hunger-free world by contributing to our Fed 40 program. For just $10, you can send a family 40 healthy meals.