Thousands of Healthy Meals Are Being Rushed to Haiti Right Now

Robert Andrescik Haiti, News

PHOTO: Sandy Laborde, on-air host at AFROTAINMENT and Haiti HD Television Network, picked up 30,000 meals this afternoon.

Thousands of healthy meals will begin arriving in Haiti tomorrow night thanks to the efforts of several organizations joining forces to provide much-needed relief to the Caribbean nation following Hurricane Matthew.

A total of 38,600 healthy meals from Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) were shipped out this afternoon from the organization’s headquarters in Longwood.

In partnership with One Church in Longwood and Air Mobile Ministries, an initial shipment of 5,000 meals are scheduled for delivery Wednesday to Port-au-Prince and to Jérémie, which was laid bare by the storm. An additional 3,600 meals will be delivered in the days ahead.

It’s hard for most Americans to imagine what the Haitian people are facing right now, says Mark Polozola, missions director for One Church: “So many in Haiti are already in poverty to begin with, and to have this happen is just devastating.”

The remaining 30,000 meals were picked up by representatives of Global Haitian Advancement Through Education & Sports Inc., a nonprofit organization working directly with Haitian youth.

Sandy Laborde, on-air host at AFROTAINMENT and Haiti HD Television Network, was on-site to help coordinate the effort.

FCE is working to send 330,000 emergency meals to Haiti. Hundreds of volunteers are needed for a special Hunger Project, happening at FCE’s headquarters all day on October 22. Details and signup are available at