The Many Faces of Hunger

communications intern Why Hunger?

When you think of the face of hunger, do you picture your next-door neighbor? Hunger isn’t always as obvious as you may think., It’s the college student who skips a meal once a day to save on money, or the single mom, working overtime trying to make means for her bills.

Just like there are multiple faces of hunger, there are multiple solutions. At Feeding Children Everywhere we make it easy for anyone to host a Hunger Project and make a difference in their community. Volunteers at these projects, known as Hunger Heroes, take a stand against hunger and make a tangible impact. A Hunger Hero could be a soccer mom or the little boy who donates his birthday to this mission. These people who were once on the other side of the box, are now leading the way to a hunger-free world.

One of our close partners, an orphanage called Open Door Haiti, has been impacted by the dedication of those who joined the fight against hunger. Together we have sent 4 million life-saving meals to Haiti. This allows Open Door Haiti to reallocate funds that would typically be used to cover food, back into other areas of their programs for a wider reach and bigger impact. But we are not stopping there.

Fueling Full Hearts with Full Cart

Full Cart is a newer initiative of Feeding Children Everywhere. Through the program, a package of meal kits and popular grocery items will be shipped to the front door of families in need. All families pay is a discounted shipping rate, and our generous partners cover the cost of food. Together, we have shipped over 30,000 boxes to all 50 states, delivering a solution to every face of hunger.

Shelby was introduced to Full Cart when she was living in a one-income household. Full Cart has changed her household in such a tangible way when “[she] didn’t have a job and [her] husband was the only one working so [they] were short on money. Such good food for such a great price!” Everyday people that you see or know, can be affected by food insecurity. It could be your coworker or anyone you pass on the street. In reality, food insecurity can look like an everyday parent working a full-time job without having the means after bills, car payments, and clothes to buy sustainable and nutritious meals.

Although hunger is a very real problem for many, it is the most solvable issue that we can continue to fight.