A Sustainable Future is #Goals

Rachel Douglass Sustainability, Why Hunger?

If you’re someone like me, you’re thinking of what you’re going to have for dinner while you’re eating lunch. It’s common to plan vacations around places to eat while exploring a new or beloved city. It’s a tradition to gather around tables during holidays and share food with our loved ones. It’s a part of our culture. We know how to enjoy food. While the level of hunger in the world is decreasing, the reality is still that over 820 million people around the world are facing hunger, malnutrition and even starvation on a daily basis.
In 2015, the United Nations gathered to dream up what it would look like to resolve some epidemics that are plaguing our global community. They later published the Sustainable Development Goals and have taken great strides over the last 4 years to make them a reality. But there is still much work to do. As a partner organization committed to making food available to everyone everywhere, it’s encouraging to see that the accessibility to food factors into a majority of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. That’s a pretty big deal! Many global crises can be alleviated by achieving food security for all.

Making a Global Impact Together

Over the last nine years, Hunger Heroes like you have rallied with Feeding Children Everywhere to support 53 countries around the world through initiatives like the planting of fruit trees at a school in Rwanda, sending immediate food aid and sustainable development for South Sudanese refugees, launching innovative programs in the United States and getting much needed food in the hands of thousands of Venezuelans.
Join us over the next few weeks as we take you on a journey to see how the accessibility to food creates a better world, how your contributions have made a difference and about the exciting things we are planning for the future. There is hope and we won’t stop until we see a hunger-free world.