Staying Healthy and Helpful

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During this time of uncertainty around COVID-19, it’s hard to find ways to help while staying at home. However, times like these make innovative ways to give back so important to help while also staying safe. Whether it be starting an online challenge to push others to fundraise or simply changing the way you shop online, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few creative ideas to make an impact while staying safe at home during this time:

1. Use Amazon Smile
By using Amazon Smile instead of the main Amazon website, you can play your part in fundraising. Amazon donates a part of each sale made on the Amazon Smile website to a charity of your choice. Simply go to, select Feeding Children Everywhere, and start shopping for a cause!

2. Start a GoFundMe
Starting a GoFundMe is a simple way to fundraise while at home. By going to the GoFundMe website, you can start your own fundraiser and write a short story about what you are fundraising for. You can share the link with friends and family to not only raise money but also awareness for your cause.

3. Share Funny Content
Everyone loves to see an old or embarrassing photo of their friend. So pledging a funny photo for each dollar donated is a perfect way to fundraise. Simply post on your Instagram or Snapchat and pledge to post one funny photo for each dollar donated; then watch the fun begin!

4. Launch a Social Media Challenge
Challenging your friends and followers to do a challenge on social media is an exciting way to get everyone up and moving. Launching your own challenge on social media is a great way to spread awareness and help keep you entertained during quarantine.

Pushing Back Against Hunger

Twitter sensation, Cristina, found her way to help and play a part in the fight against COVID-19. Launching her own Push-Up Challenge on her Twitter page, @SoLatinBarbie, Cristina pledged to raise $1 for every push-up. She shared, “What better way to use this time to put smiles on everyone’s faces than seeing their favorite people on Twitter doing pushups while raising money to feed families and continuing to pay it forward.” Since the beginning of the challenge, she has raised over $180 dollars for Feeding Children Everywhere’s Full Cart program and expects to continue raising more. She has a lot of pushups to do now! This program started to help people in need gain access to groceries and meals for their families just by going online. Families that are struggling to make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic are receiving food thanks to generous Hunger Heroes like Cristina and her followers.

Joining the fight

COVID-19 has been a challenging and uncertain time for many. With millions losing jobs and access to affordable food, we are so grateful for Hunger Heroes that find new and exciting ways for people all over the globe to have a positive influence. Whether it is creating your own challenge on social media or sponsoring a box of groceries, the possibilities are endless. You can sponsor a box of groceries to a family in need or donate to the Full Cart program by using the button below. This time may be a challenge, but we can use it to empower one another and make a bigger impact in the fight for a hunger-free world.