Starting at the Seed

communications intern Sustainability, Why Hunger?

When we think of climate change, we often think of the rapid fluctuations in the weather and its effect on the environment. An issue like climate change affects all of us, but in what ways exactly? As we are all continually learning how to protect our planet, climate change becomes a more pressing and relevant issue globally. Because of this, we understand more of what exactly climate change affects in our everyday lives—food being one of them! 

Climate Change Touches All

So what exactly does food security have to do with climate change, and what does that have to do with us? Climate change directly impacts the four dimensions of food security: food availability, food accessibility, food utilization and food system stability. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, climate change will affect “food security through its impacts on all components of global, national and local food systems.” Essentially, a global issue like climate change will in turn affect all of us anywhere in the world. Food is a resource that is necessary for all in order to live. An issue like climate change will most directly affect those who are already food insecure, but that impact will touch everyone since we all call this planet our home.

Adapting to Save the Food System

Climate change brings around issues like the loss of livestock, increased risk of crop failure, and different and new patterns of diseases and pests. Because of climate change, farmers are having to quickly adapt in order to save their crops and maintain the food system. In order to protect food security, farmers are having to work around climate change in different ways like adapting to the different risks to their ecosystems, improving efficient management to their cultivated land, and researching additional preventative measures to crop loss. 

Our Sustainable World

Food security starts right at the seed of the crops. If those seeds cannot grow, food insecurity touches all of us. The availability to obtain healthy foods directly impacts our health and wellbeing. Hunger does not just affect one certain type of person. Hunger can affect anyone. In the same way, climate change affects anyone. Because of this, we play our part in protecting our planet in order to combat climate change, such as the implementation of using biodegradable meal bags. No measure is too small and we can all make a difference! Feeding Children Everywhere activates people for a hunger-free world—a world that calls to be more sustainable in order to protect us all.