Sourcing for Sustainability

Sammy Ford FCE

Feeding Children Everywhere made a sustainability pledge over a year ago and we have stayed committed to our goals. One major way we work to maintain our promise is through our vendors. By partnering with companies that also practice sustainability, we’re able to innovate together to minimize our impact on the earth. We look for partners that practice sustainability through measures such as recycling initiatives, ethical sourcing, and waste reduction.

Another strategic choice we made involves the most essential ingredient of all to our jambalaya: the red lentils. This legume, other than being packed with nutrients and a delicious centerpiece to the meal, has a secret power. Lentils have the ability to convert nitrogen in the air to plant nutrients, which restores the soil from the damage of annual crop systems. With the power of the lentil, it’s not just the people that receive our meals that are impacted; it’s everyone who relies on the soil to grow their food.

The opening of our regional warehouses has also helped by reducing our overall amount of shipping. This not only minimizes our carbon footprint but also decreases the amount of time and money it takes to get our food from the farm to our warehouses for packing and distribution. As a result, it makes our process more efficient and ultimately gives us more resources to put towards providing meals.

Our Commitment

We want the families and children that receive our meals to feel good about what they’re eating. That’s why we work to make nutrient-packed meals that are not only good for them but for the planet as well. If you’re committed to taking care of our world as we strive to make it hunger-free, show your support by donating to our mission or by volunteering at one of our hunger projects!