Residents of the Smallest State in the U.S. Are Proving They Have Big Hearts!

Danielle Lee Corporate Social Responsibility, FCE

They may live in the smallest state in America, but Rhode Islanders are helping hungry children and families in a big way.

Today, Corinthian Events will be hosting the first-ever Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) Hunger Project to take place in Rhode Island. That makes Rhode Island the big 4-0 on the list of states where FCE has hosted Projects with our partners. This also marks the first time FCE meals are being delivered to children and families in this state.

More than a hundred residents will package 15,000 meals, which are being distributed throughout Rhode Island by The Salvation Army.

Did you know that one in eight people struggle with hunger in Rhode Island? That’s 12.7 percent, or 51,000 households, reporting they were food insecure and 42,000 children are living in poverty.

“Hunger is a major issue for Rhode Island,” says Lieutenant James Bang, The Salvation Army’s Commanding Officer of Newport Corps. “The health of children and seniors are greatly impacted by inadequate nutrition.”

The Salvation Army is combating hunger in Rhode Island in many ways.

Bang explains: “The Salvation Army Food Pantry in Newport, on average, distributes close to a ton of food a week, a third of which is fresh produce. This does not include our two weekly soup kitchen meals or the Meals on Wheels program. For many of our clients, our food pantry is what stands between their family and hunger, especially towards the end of the month.”

Too many Rhode Islanders are having to make the difficult decision to pay their monthly utility bills or purchase nutritious food for the family, he adds.

That’s a choice that no person should have to make. That is why Corinthian Events, The Salvation Army and FCE are working together to create a hunger-free America.

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