Putting the Fun in Fundraising

Shannon Tokumaru FCE, Hunger Heroes, Interns

School can be hard and so can fundraising. An FCE intern, Katie Brough, found a creative solution for helping students de-stress while raising money for a good cause.

Katie recently hosted an event for her college community called Trash-A-Truck, where participants make donations to smash an old vehicle. For the event to be successful, she had to find a venue and the car. The venue ended up paying for her entire event so all the proceeds could be donated to our Fed 40 program. Her event alone raised $437.50, more than double her starting goal. She found trash-a-truck to be the perfect stress reliever among the college community.

“It was such a unique event,” said Katie. “It gave college students the opportunity to get some frustration out and have fun!”

By reaching beyond the limits of your imagination, you can start a fundraiser that gets the community talking and makes those connections by allowing them to see the impact they are making. This creates an event that is impactful, memorable and engaging for the community. You can also get more people involved and increase knowledge about the cause instead of leaving donors feeling like they are blindly giving money. It allows for people to come together as a team and do something bigger than they could on their own.

Hungry for More Ideas?

You do not have to go find a car to smash for a fundraiser, but there are many ways to get creative for a good cause. Involving the community in fundraising is an easy way to start. Many restaurants love to help by hosting fundraising events that give partial profits back from meals purchased by customers. If you put in a little extra effort like Katie did, you can even find organizations that are excited to make donations. You can help out a neighbor as an exchange for a donation. Even innovative crowdfunding posts on social media are great ways to reach large audiences and motivate people to help.

There should be more to fundraising than just raising money. Give yourself a chance to think outside the box with a fundraiser that makes people enjoy giving back. Creative fundraising is an exciting and effective way to make a difference for a cause. We strive to build relationships within the community to show everyone how they can be a hero to children and families everywhere. You can join the fight against hunger by hosting a creative fundraiser in your community!

Check out this awesome fundraiser recap video, courtesy of Tied Up Outfitters: