Princess Modupe Ozolua

Plea From Nigerian Princess Results in 100,000 Meals for Victims of Terrorism

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Normally, an email such as this might have gone straight to spam:


I sent you an email yesterday. Hope you received it? Looking forward to this great partnership.



A princess in need of help? That would raise anyone’s eyebrows. However, this plea was real … and the stakes are no laughing matter.


Princess Ozolua is founder of Empower 54, an international nonprofit dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance in Africa. In partnership with Feeding Children Everywhere, the organization is sending an initial container of 100,000 meals, along with medicine and other supplies, to internally displaced people (IDPs) in northeast Nigeria who’ve suffered unimaginably at the hands of the terrorist group Boko Haram.

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A member of the royal Benin kingdom family, Princess Ozolua’s great-grandfather was a legendary warrior-king. Decades later, she’s fighting for the vulnerable in remarkable ways.

Moved by the plight of those in her homeland in need of reconstructive surgery, she started a medical mission in 2003 that was later expanded to include other humanitarian programs, including hunger eradication and empowerment programs for women and girls, many of whom have been directly affected by Boko Haram’s campaign of violence.

The Boko Haram (whose name means “Western education is sinful,” in the local Hausa language) has killed and kidnapped thousands in recent years as it seeks to establish an Islamic caliphate in Nigeria.

According to Amnesty International, the nearly seven-year insurgency, that has launched attacks beyond Nigeria’s borders into Cameroon, Chad and Niger, has killed at least 20,000 people. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs says the violence has also displaced 2.8 million people in the region, mostly those from Nigeria. Millions more face dire food shortages.

In June, Empower 54, in partnership with the Governor of the Borno State, evacuated 1,800 extremely malnourished IDPs from Bama Maiduguri to a nursing village. FCE’s meals will be used at the village where these individuals are receiving much-needed food and medical care.

“After providing treatment enabling them to digest regular foods, we will put them on FCE’s life-saving meal,” she explains. “In the future, meals will also be distributed to other communities in Africa.”

Video of discovery and evacuation of malnourished children of Bama.

What kind of impact will the meals have in the fight against terror?

“A huge impact!” Princess Ozolua says. “It cannot be measured because people are dying daily due to hunger. A lot of people were lured into joining Boko Haram by the promise of food and money. Providing meals gives them hope and reassurance that their lives matter.”

Want to help? Join our campaign to send meals to Africa in partnership with Empower 54!

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