FCE Opens New Warehouse in the Windy City

Madison Firios Chicago, FCE

We are excited to announce the opening of a new regional warehouse in Chicago, Illinois! We now have five regional locations including Orlando, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Columbia and Chicago. This expansion is part of an ongoing mission to deliver healthy meals to people in America’s food deserts and will allow us to more effectively serve the northeast. Dave Green, …
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Sending Healthy Meals to a U.S. Army Veteran in Need

Auriel Scott Fed 40, U.S. Hunger

Donna is a U.S. Army veteran and an American hero. She is courageous and a brave woman who served her country proudly for 14 years and actively served during Desert Storm. Asking for assistance is never easy and life can sometimes throw curve balls in our plans. Donna had to go on disability after retiring from the Army. “I make …
Feeding Children Everywhere Opens SLC Regional Warehouse

FCE Goes West — Opens SLC Warehouse

Madison Firios FCE, Salt Lake City

Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) has mobilized over 600,000 volunteers to package over 92 million meals for hungry children and families around the world. We are excited to announce the opening of a new regional warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah that will put us one step closer to seeing a hunger-free world. This warehouse expansion is part of an ongoing …
Dave Green - Central Floridian of the Year

Dave Green, CEO, Recognized as Central Floridian of the Year

Jess Hecht FCE, News

For over 30 years, the Orlando Sentinel Editorial Board has been highlighting Central Floridians that lead a lifestyle dedicated to creating a positive impact. Orlando Sentinel readers nominate candidates that they believe answer the call to serve others. All of us at Feeding Children Everywhere were ecstatic to hear that Dave Green, our very own CEO, had landed among the …

Introducing Pasta Bites – Italian Veggie Pasta!

Auriel Scott Pasta Bites - Italian Veggie Pasta

We are Expanding Our Menu Again With a Delicious Italian Veggie Pasta You requested it, we delivered. We are ecstatic to announce the launch of a new addition to our meal options, Pasta Bites – Italian Veggie Pasta! Red Lentil Jambalaya and Breakfast Bites have been a huge success and we want to expand on that by adding to our menu. …

Transportation Issues Can Lead to Hunger Issues

Brooke Jones FCE, Fed 40

We all know children and families around the globe are struggling with hunger. But did you know transportation issues are contributing to food insecurity? The Problems: Urban places in the United States are becoming food deserts. These areas don’t have fresh, whole foods because there’s a lack of grocery stores, farmers’ markets and other healthy food providers. This means people …

Happy Thanksgiving, Hunger Heroes

Brooke Jones FCE, Fed 40, Hunger Heroes

With full schedules and hectic lives, it’s easy to get caught up in mundane, everyday tasks. Thanksgiving is a time to join with loved ones and reflect on the things we’re grateful for. A typical Thanksgiving tradition is to go around the table sharing what you’re thankful for. At Feeding Children Everywhere, we have so much to be thankful for …

The Future of Food Assistance

Brooke Jones FCE, Fed 40

The current model for food banks is inefficient. Before food banks can help children and families in need, the food itself must take a long journey. Food travels from farms, to factories, to stores, to homes, to school or church food drives before it even makes it to the food bank. But What if There Was a Better Way? What …

Cigna, Leading the Charge in Corporate Social Responsibility

Dave Green CSR, FCE

How will I feed my children tomorrow? Where can I find healthy food for my kids at a price I can afford? Why isn’t there a grocery store in my community? These are just a few of the questions that low-income families wrestle with on a daily basis. The challenges for low-income families are complex. Trying to keep up with …

The Times are Changing

Brooke Jones FCE

Right now is a time of change. The air is growing colder as the autumn season turns to winter. Leaves are changing colors before they fall, leaving their trees bare. Even our clocks are changing with the end of daylight savings time. During this season, we can reflect on the changes around us and the ones that have happened to …