Seniors at a Hunger Project

These Seniors Did Something Amazing Today, Assembling 10,000 Meals for People in Need

Robert Andrescik News

HERNANDO, Fla. — Today, on Florida’s west coast, tenants at Forest Ridge Senior Residences in Hernando did something remarkable. Gathering in the facility’s clubhouse, they rolled up their sleeves, donned blue and red hairnets and packed 10,000 meals for people in need of nutritious meals. Beginning at 10 a.m., as the music of Roy Orbison and The Everly Brothers filled …
Six Years of Changing Lives

57 Million Healthy Meals! Feeding Children Everywhere Is Celebrating Its Sixth Birthday in a Unique Way

Robert Andrescik News

LONGWOOD, Fla. — Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE), a Florida-based social charity that has successfully mobilized 388 thousand volunteers to package 57 million healthy meals for hungry children and families around the world, will celebrate its sixth birthday this Saturday at the organization’s headquarters in Longwood. The celebration will bring together over a hundred enthusiastic volunteers and supporters who will come …
School Bus

Back to School: Too Hungry to Think

Molly Slicker Why Hunger?

Have You Ever Been Hungry? Imagine before lunch you’re giving a presentation, in an important meeting or driving to pick your kids up from a soccer game. Then, everything seems to start late, run long, or you’re stuck in traffic. The closer you get to when your body says it’s lunchtime, the closer you get to losing your cool. You’re …

The Shocking Reality of Food Deserts in America

Dave Green Why Hunger?

Imagine for a moment living your entire life without being able to shop at a grocery store. You’re forced to go without fresh fruits or vegetables, and even have no access to the basic ingredients required for a healthy home-cooked meal. All of your meals would be resorting to fast food or processed junk food that you purchased at the …
School Kids

Childhood Hunger in America – Myth or Reality?

Dave Green Why Hunger?

The topic of fighting childhood hunger in America gets heated, controversial, and often leaves us with questions and not answers. The issue seems obvious, after all we are talking about kids who don’t have a meal through no fault of their own. However, some people have a difficult time just “throwing”resources at the problem. In their mind, SNAP benefits (food …