National Random Acts of Kindness Day 2020

communications intern Full Cart, Hunger Heroes

The power of kindness is unstoppable. Random acts of kindness are built on sincere moments that come from the goodness of your heart. This year, to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day, Feeding Children Everywhere is challenging you to brighten someone’s day. Your kind contribution to someone in need could turn their circumstances around.

Hungry for Random Acts of Kindness Ideas?

Random Acts of Kindness are something worth celebrating. When it comes to fighting hunger, there are opportunities all around us. Here’s a list of ways you can get involved:

  • Pay it forward in your drive-through line
  • Sponsor a Full Cart box for someone in need
  • Buy groceries for someone in line
  • Donate to a charity that fights hunger, like Feeding Children Everywhere
  • Cook a meal for someone who just had a baby/surgery/elderly
  • Double your tip for the waiter/waitress the next time you eat out
  • Buy a meal for someone experiencing homelessness
  • Send a college student a care package
  • Cook dinner for your parents

Whether you just met this person or you’ve known them for years, you can make a lasting impact on those around you. You can leave an impression or a mark on someone’s life forever. If just one kind gesture can influence them, imagine what 100 kind gestures can do.

“Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference.”
– Kevin Heath.