National Pasta Day pasta bites

National Pasta Day: How Will You Celebrate?

Julie Mast FCE

Pasta has been a staple in diets around the world for decades. While most of us typically think of Italy when it comes to its origins, many sources claim it was most likely developed in Asia. There are several myths as to how it spread from Asia to Europe. However, no one truly knows exactly how pasta traveled the globe. Since pasta production started in the Americas, it has become a big part of American culture. Since then, pasta’s popularity has been on the rise because of the long shelf life, affordability and durability.

Thousands of people in America eat pasta every day. With over 350 different types, it is incredibly versatile and can be made into various dishes. No one may know the true origin of National Pasta Day, but we love any excuse to try out a new, fun pasta recipe!

While the taste alone is enough for most of us to love it, there are also many nutritional benefits to a pasta meal. It contains very low sodium and fat, making it a great base for a complete meal. It can also help keep blood sugar levels regulated, as it is a low glycemic index food which can be helpful in preventing diabetes.

More Pasta, Please!

On National Pasta Day at Feeding Children Everywhere, we celebrate the many lives changed by our pasta meals. Over the last year, we have distributed thousands of these pasta meals and we are so grateful for the incredible Hunger Heroes that make an impact like this possible.

The newest additions to our meal selection include Hamburger Hero: Stroganoff and Farm and Ladle: Chicken Noodle Soup. They are easy to make meals, perfect for the hard-working individual or family. To create our Hamburger Hero: Stroganoff, we took a delicious recipe and added our own nutritious ingredients, including some yummy veggies. Meanwhile, our Farm and Ladle: Chicken Noodle soup is a great, old-fashioned favorite with a twist! We took a classic recipe combined with our pasta, lentils, veggies and chicken bouillon for a homemade and flavorful meal.

We are dedicated to serving hungry children and families with dignity and expanding our menu is a big part of that vision. Thanks to our Hunger Heroes, many of our meal recipients can now enjoy a delicious pasta meal!

Explore the Pasta-bilities for Service

We are always looking for volunteers, organizations and businesses to host Hunger Projects! If you have a group that wants to be a part of our expanding menu and provides delicious pasta meals for hungry children and families, click the link below.

Provide hope for hungry individuals and families by hosting a Hunger Project to package one of our delicious pasta meals!