Marlins Hit a Homerun for Hungry Children and Families in Miami-Dade

Allie Bruckner MLB, News

The Miami Marlins in partnership with the Hispanic Affairs Advisory Board, the Miami-Dade Community Advocacy Board, and Brown & Brown Insurance are joining forces with Feeding Children Everywhere to package 75,000 meals for children and families, March 25 at Marlins Park.

Hunger Heroes from throughout the community will be on-deck for the Miami-Dade Fights Hunger project, and hundreds are still needed for a volunteering experience like no other. There will be music booming, lentils flying and hairnets as far as the eye can see as volunteers work side-by-side in assembly lines packaging FCE’s tasty and nutritious Red Lentil Jambalaya.

The meals will remain in Miami-Dade County and feed residents there. A portion of the meals will be given to Voices For Children Foundation, Inc., an organization working to give a voice to abused, abandoned and neglected children.

“We are so honored and excited to be a part of this project,” says Nelson Hincapie, president and CEO of the Voices for Children Foundation. “Children who go hungry are deprived of so much more than a meal. We provide resources to help ensure that children in foster care do not have to worry about where their next meal will come from.”

Dr. Waldo Castro of the Hispanic Affairs Advisory Board, who was instrumental in bringing this project to Miami-Dade County, points to a study showing that 21.5 percent of children in South Florida are food insecure, meaning roughly 260,000 children are going to bed hungry.

He concludes, “South Florida is a world-renowned paradise, where many families are struggling behind the scenes to make ends meet. Feeding Children Everywhere is a truly magnificent organization. I see in it the means by which we can start making a significant and ongoing impact, fighting hunger and improving wellness.”

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