JPMorgan Chase & Co. Volunteers Will “Never Fully Understand” the Impact They’re Having in This Tulsa Neighborhood

Robert Andrescik Corporate Social Responsibility, Impact, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Volunteers from JPMorgan Chase & Co, in partnership with Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE), will package 15,000 meals tomorrow for residents of the Eugene Field neighborhood of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

A leader in global philanthropy, JPMorgan Chase & Co. volunteers have packaged a staggering 6,252,756 meals with FCE for hungry children and families around the world, including 57,312 meals for the Eugene Field community … and those meals are being put to good use.

It’s hard for many people to imagine how anyone can be hungry in the U.S. But food insecurity is a reality for many Americans.

In Oklahoma, 632,030 people are struggling with hunger, and of them 216,980 are children. In Tulsa County alone, 99,340 people are food insecure, not knowing where their next meal will come from.

“I’ve sat with single moms who have absolutely nothing in their cupboards. They’re crying because they’re not able to feed their kids,” says Daniel May at The Harvest, a nonprofit grocery store in Eugene Field providing healthy, affordable food to this high-poverty area.

So when May was approached several years ago about partnering with JPMorgan Chase & Co. on a Hunger Project with Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE), packaging healthy meals for residents of Eugene Field, he jumped at the opportunity.

The meals are given away at The Harvest store and have “become very well known in the neighborhood and very popular,” May notes.

At the end of the month, when most people run out of SNAP benefits, The Harvest holds a neighborhood dinner featuring FCE’s meal. Attendees are also given meals to take with them when they leave.

Meeting the basic need of hunger is opening the door to address other needs in people’s lives, May says, providing hope and helping to break the cycle of generational poverty.

He concludes: “Whenever we have these meal packing events with JPMorgan Chase, I always express to them they can never fully understand the impact they’re having. Because when we’ve met that need of hunger, people trust us to speak into their lives in other areas: how to be a parent, how to get a job, how to be a good employee. It’s a great privilege.”

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