Introducing Pasta Bites – Italian Veggie Pasta!

Auriel Scott Pasta Bites - Italian Veggie Pasta

We are Expanding Our Menu Again With a Delicious Italian Veggie Pasta

You requested it, we delivered. We are ecstatic to announce the launch of a new addition to our meal options, Pasta Bites – Italian Veggie Pasta!

Red Lentil Jambalaya and Breakfast Bites have been a huge success and we want to expand on that by adding to our menu. That’s why we created Pasta Bites – Italian Veggie Pasta. It’s our take on a classic Italian dish that is made up of tasty pasta, our special blend of 6 different vegetables, lentils filled with protein and a dash of pink Himalayan salt for a flavorful, delicious meal. Italian Veggie Pasta is a winner!

Pasta Bites - Italian Veggie Pasta

The Inspiration Behind the Meal

Our CEO and creator of this delicious new meal, Dave Green, explains, “Because I’m part Italian, pasta is an important part of my heritage. Italian Veggie Pasta is a classic Italian dish that we want to share with others. In general, pasta is a staple dish in many households and is a natural choice to create more options for our line of meals.”

This is Just the Beginning!

The Pasta Bites line is just the beginning for us here at FCE. When asked about the future for our meals, Dave Green said, “It’s a journey that we’re on to continue to expand our menu. Someone who is in hard times will gladly eat the same meal, but we can serve them better than that. I can’t eat the same meal every day, you can’t eat the same meal every day, so we shouldn’t expect those in need to have to eat the same meal every day.”

We are dedicated to serving hungry children and families with dignity and providing more meal options is a big part of that vision. Help us take this next big step by hosting a Hunger Project to package Pasta Bites – Italian Veggie Pasta!