International Women’s Day

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“I believe the most important part of empowering women is showing them that they are already strong individuals. They just have to tap into the strength that is already there.” We celebrate International Women’s Day each year. However, Elena Terrell doesn’t celebrate just the holiday, she lives it as a motto. Volunteering with Shared Blessings has been a huge part of Terrell’s life for the past few years and she continues to spread support for this amazing cause every day. 

Sharing Her Blessings

Shared Blessings is a nonprofit serving moms who want to protect their child’s future through adoption. They provide support services, counseling and victim protection to underrepresented and underserved populations of expectant moms and families. Although Terrell does not share a personal experience with the organization’s mission, she did grow up in a low income home, so the struggle of knowing where your next meal comes from is not foreign to Terrell. Knowing how important healthy meals and a strong upbringing can be, Terrell now prides herself on the fact that she is now in a position to help others. “Because people cared an awful lot for families like mine growing up, I was able to obtain a Master’s Degree in Accountancy, I have a job that I love that supports my family and I’m in a position to be able to help pull others up the socio-economic ladder” said Terrel.

Full Cart is one of the amazing ways that Terrell has helped the families and mothers in need. By signing up each mother at the beginning of their time at Shared Beginnings, she has helped countless mothers get on their feet and provide healthy meals for themselves and their children. This program helps connect families in need with healthy and nutritious meals delivered straight to their doorstep. Elena believes that “with Full Cart, we aren’t just feeding those who need to eat today. We are feeding the leaders of our society of tomorrow. We aren’t just helping mothers and their children. We are taking one less worry off their minds, so they can focus on bettering their futures.” By extending their grocery budget, families everywhere can benefit from the tasty meals delivered by Full Cart. 

Spreading Empowerment 

 Empowering women has become second nature throughout her time volunteering with  Shared Beginnings. Terrell shares this passion for giving back with her children as well. “My daughters do chores and community service for those around them. Any funds they receive from these chores regularly get spent on Full Cart’s boxes so they can supply large amounts of food for local food drives, our church’s food pantry and Shared Blessings. It has honestly become a family process” said Terrell. This is the type of empowerment that Feeding Children Everywhere hopes to spread through our mission, and with programs like Full Cart. Hopefully you are celebrating International Women’s Day just like our Hunger Hero, Elena Terrell, celebrates it everyday.