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15,000 Meals Distributed by a Helping Hand in Venezuela

Julie Mast FCE, Impact

Jehiel Guzman: A Hometown Hunger Hero

Venezuela is currently struggling with a country-wide crisis. The economic and political crisis has taken a huge toll on the people, making food supply scarce for a majority of the country. The food that is available to most people has little to no nutritional value.

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Jehiel Guzman is originally from Barquisimeto, Venezuela and currently lives in Miami, Florida. He is pushing to make a positive change in his home country by providing meals to children and families in need. After witnessing and living through these struggles himself, Jehiel was able to see how much help was needed in places like his hometown.

With the help of Feeding Children Everywhere and various donors in Miami, Jehiel has been able to distribute 15,000 meals in Venezuela. These meals give children and families “the energy and vitamins to survive in these times of crisis,” says Jehiel. He tells us that because of the current economic situation in Venezuela, many people do not even have the money to buy basic food products. Jehiel hopes to someday be able to buy the food for meals locally, however, right now there is simply none available to purchase.

Communities Coming Together

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Many volunteers who live in Venezuelan communities have come together over the years to help cook and distribute meals to the hungry. For this project, they were able to use huge pots with wood-burning fires underneath to heat the food. With these big pots, they are able to cook an incredible amount of food at one time for all of the children and families there. Hundreds of volunteers from around the community were able to come together to help.

Providing aid is something that Jehiel is extremely passionate about and he hopes to continue his work in the coming years in his hometown. He hopes that with the help of Feeding Children Everywhere, he will be able to continue to send food to Venezuela.

With your help, we can keep making an impact in communities around the world. It is because of our incredible Hunger Heroes like you that we are able to change the world, one meal at a time!