How ‘Bout Them Apples? Breakfast Bites: Apple Pie Oats

Brooke Jones Breakfast Bites, National Breakfast Program

“As American as apple pie”

What’s the most important meal of the day? Everyone knows the answer to this question is breakfast. But did you know many Americans don’t have access to breakfast? In America, 42 million people struggle with hunger in their household, including 13 million children. At Feeding Children Everywhere, we believe everyone should be able to start their day off with the most important meal. Starting July 2017, we rolled out The National Breakfast Program featuring Breakfast Bites: Apple Pie Oats.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

Everyone has heard this old wives’ tale, but maybe it’s more than that. Apples aren’t just delicious, they’re packed full of nutrition. They’re rich in Vitamin C, which can help your body fight off an annoying case of the sniffles. Apples are also high in dietary fiber, which is known for preventing diseases like cancers, Parkinson’s and diabetes, as well as lowering cholesterol. FCE is committed not just to feeding hungry children and families, but also to making sure our meals are healthy and delicious. That is why we use real apples in our Breakfast Bites: Apple Pie Oats.

“In apple-pie order”

Breakfast Bites: Apple Pie Oats have more than just one tasty ingredient. The complete recipe we use includes nutmeg, dehydrated apples, Scottish oats and crispy puffed brown rice. Together these ingredients make a nutritious, not to mention delicious, breakfast for people of any age. All you need to do is add milk or water. The meal is soy free, gluten free, preservative free, GMO free, Vegan and has no added sugar. It can be served either hot, like oatmeal, or cold, like cereal.

“A good apple”

With the help of apples and the other key ingredients, FCE is changing the lives of hungry children and families all over the United States. We want to ensure that every single child in America will fall asleep with a full belly and wake up to the most important meal of the day. By eliminating hunger in children’s lives, they can focus on growing up to be a good apple.

Want to be a “good apple” too? Join us in our mission for a hunger-free world by hosting a Hunger Project, volunteering, starting a fundraiser or donating. Together, we can end hunger!

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