Helping Others This 2019 Can Help You Too!

Kirsten Krieger FCE

Each year, inspiration surges through the community in January. No matter where you are, everyone can come together to be their best self in the new year. This year, we encourage you to not only keep your resolution of giving back but to try it out with Feeding Children Everywhere. Let’s work together to end world hunger!

Here are 5 ways you can give back all year to achieve your new year’s resolution.

1. Fight Hunger With Your Time! Are you ready for an impactful and high-energy volunteer experience? The opportunities we offer at Feeding Children Everywhere produce authentic and measurable change during every project. At each event, volunteers are trained by experienced leaders to assemble and package meals that will be delivered to hungry children and families. You can sign up to volunteer here.

2. Host a Hunger Project! If you’re ready to take giving back to the next level, then consider hosting your very own hunger project! Hosting a hunger project serves your community while bringing people together. Leading a project for your business is a great way to foster corporate morale, while upholding social responsibility. Whatever the occasion, we would love to be apart of it! To host a hunger project, click here.

3. Empower other volunteers! If facilitating events sounds like too much, but you’d still like to pioneer Hunger Projects, then you can become a Key Volunteer. They attend events to train groups of volunteers on the processes we follow and have the most fun while doing it! This flexible option is yours to choose whenever you’re ready, without having to commit to more than you’re able to. To become a Key Volunteer at an upcoming event, reach out to us here.

4. Give Healthy Meals! At FCE, we understand how busy life can be! If you’d rather donate to give healthy meals, we would be so grateful that you chose to do so. Our simple and secure system works to make sure that your money goes exactly where it is supposed to. Provide hope through healthy meals here.

5. Share your experience! Lastly, if you loved giving back to hungry kids and families, share that joy! Social media is a great way to meaningfully connect with friends and family. By showing them what you’ve been up to at FCE, they too can become informed and involved with our mission towards a hunger-free world.

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